Chapter 7. Export

AddressBox can export your contacts to different formats. The contacts are always taken from the selected collection, so you are not limited to exporting data sources, but can also export a group or smart group.


CSV files are text files that contain one contact per line. The fields in each line are separated by a special character.

Select Fields

The first step is to choose which fields should be exported.

By default, all available fields will be exported.


When you are asked to choose a location for the CSV file you will be able to select some more options. These are:

Text Encoding

The format used for the text. In most cases "Automatic" will choose the right format, but if you see problems with special characters (such as umlauts) you might have to manually select an encoding. UTF-8 is the one that is most widely supported.


The character used to separated the fields in each line. Usually this is either tabs or commas.

First text line contains field names

When checked, AddressBox will include the field names as the first line in the text file.