Chapter 5. External Data Sources

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Contacts app & iCloud

Contacts app & iCloud

AddressBox can sync with the Contacts app from Apple and thus also sync with the contacts in your iCloud account.

These contacts will be listed in their own data source called "Contacts". All editing you perform there is reflected in the Contacts app, but some actions might be delayed until you close AddressBox, such as deleting entries.

To use all of AddressBox's features, an initial synchronization is needed the first time you start AddressBox. This may take some time, depending on how many entries have to be synced. Subsequent updates will be much faster.

Please be aware that the entries in "Contacts" have some limitations compared to the native data sources that reside only in AddressBox. Some field types (such as Notes) can only be added once per contact. Adding plain text fields can be done, but they will only be available in AddressBox and cannot be copied into the Contacts app or your iCloud account.