Chapter 4. Fields

Text Field

A text field is a simple, generic field that can contain any text you like.

Basic Fields

The basic fields are the name fields together with Organization and Job Title. They behave just like a text field, but are interpreted differently when you export your contacts to another program.


Address fields allow you to store basic address information. When you click the map-icon to its right, AddressBox will open the Maps app with the given address.


You can recognise email fields by the "@" icon on the side.


Press the homepage icon to see a small preview of the website.

Social Profile

Here you can specify the name and service of a social profile.

Instant Messenger

Use this field for instant messenger accounts.


This field can be recognised by the calendar icon to its right. It will use the formatting you set in the system preferences.

Multiline Text

This is the only field that allows you to enter text with multiple lines. You can use it for notes.

Merged Fields

This is a special field type. It does not contain any information of its own, but builds its content from other fields. You can use it to join data from other fields into one line of text, or you can go through other fields and find the first one that has text in it.

One case where you can use this field is to organize email addresses. You might have more than one email field per contact and in some cases, you want to join all these fields into one comma separated list of addresses. You could also use this field to find the one email field that actually contains an address.