Basic Views

AddressBox offers two different views on your data: A list view and a contact view. You can switch between the two using the buttons on the left of the toolbar.

List View

The list view gives you the best overview over multiple contacts at once. Each field is represented by a column. Their order can be changed by dragging their header to a new position.

To edit a field, double-click its header. Depending on the data source, not all fields can be edited.

Contact/Column View

The emphasis of the contact view lies on editing a single contact. The contents of a collection is shown in a small list in the middle of the window and the selected contact is shown to the right.

You can drag fields in the contact view to a new position. Click on the label of a field to open a menu with editing options.

The contact view does not show all available fields of a data source, but only those that have been explicitly added. Use the Add Field at the bottom to add a field. The same menu also allows you to create a new field that is not yet used by any of the other contacts.