AddressBox can list your contacts in two different views: As a plain list, or as a column view. You can toggle between them using the buttons in the toolbar. In most cases it is best to use the more detailed column view. All contacts share the same fields, though in the column view not all of them are shown all the time. You can add one of the existing fields using the “Add Field” button, or choose “New Field” to make a new field available to all contacts in the Data Source.

Use the “Clear Field” command to empty one of the fields for the selected contact, the field will then no longer be displayed in the column view until you add it again.

To remove a field from all contacts in a Data Source, you can use the “Remove Field” command. The content of the field will then be cleared for all contacts and the field itself will no longer be available until you create a new one with the “New Field” command.

You can copy contacts from one Data Source into another by dragging them onto the other Data Source. In most cases, the fields used in each of them will be different, so AddressBox cannot know where to copy the data from the contact. To solve this, a window will open, asking you map the original data to the fields in the target Data Source.

In the column view, you can click on the label of the fields to get further options. The map icon of the address field can open the address in Maps, and the icon of the homepage field will display a preview of the homepage.